Traveling is possible without even leaving the walls of your home. New routes, interesting countries and exciting puzzles. The intellectual game Travel is a fun activity for adults and kids. Improve your knowledge of geography, develop logic, thinking and train your visual memory. Travel the globe and make new discoveries.

Play Travle Wordle Game and build routes from the starting point to the final country. Fascinating travels will be interesting for everyone who is ready for interesting quizzes, quests, and other tasks. Use the hints and win each new journey.

✅ How to play Travle

The goal of the Travle game is to build a chain between two countries that the player receives at the beginning of the game.

The starting point is indicated in pink. The name of the destination is shown in blue. Move from country to country and build the best route. The player has 10 attempts to reach the end point.

The rules of the game are clear and precise:

  • read the start and end points of the route;
  • enter the name of the country that will be next on the route in the ribbon;
  • take into account the color of the territory and adjust the route;
  • in a difficult situation, use the tips;
  • reach the end point and win.

To enter the name of a country, just type the first letter and the system will show you possible options. Choose the name you need from the list, click and enter it into the feed.

The color will be a hint for the participant. If the correct country is selected, the territory will be colored beige. The gray color indicates that the participant has gone off the route and needs to be corrected.


Use hints in the quest if it is difficult to determine the next step on the route. The goal is to reach the destination in the minimum number of steps.

There are three additional hints available for the participant. They can only be used in the order they appear below the map field. Find the next step on the way by clicking on one of the hints:

reveal the outline of the next country;

show the borders of all countries on the map;

show the initial letters of the name.

Use the information and cover the distance in the minimum number of steps. The attempt count is located on the screen and can be easily tracked.

At the end of the game, the participant can track the result and general statistics. In the corresponding section, you can find out the number of games played, the number of victories, and the attempts used in each game.

Travle is an interesting intellectual game for those who like to plan, build routes for new travels and discover this majestic world.

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