Enter the first name of the country at random. Use the hints that will appear after the first attempt. One of the six flag segments will appear in the field, as well as geographical information about the country whose name is in the line.


Consider the information and try to choose the name for your next attempt as accurately as possible. If the distance to the guessed country decreases, it means that the guess is very close and you should move in that direction.

Once the country is guessed, the distance opposite the name will be 0.

Results of the game

The player receives a new task from Flagle every day. After completing the game, the participant receives statistics. In the corresponding section, you can track the results of the game, namely

- number of games played;

- percentage of wins;

- number of successful games in a row;

- the maximum number of wins in a row.

As soon as all attempts are used, the correct answer will appear on the screen with the corresponding emoticon. In case of success, players will receive congratulations. You can always track the number of attempts used on the screen. A full list of countries in alphabetical order is available in the corresponding feed.

The player can share the results of the game and their success on social media and invite friends to play. Guess countries with Flagle and gain new knowledge about the countries of the world and their symbols.

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