The original intellectual game Flagle is an ideal way to spend time in a good and useful way. In a few minutes, the player will travel around the world and demonstrate their knowledge of geography. Recognize the country by its flag. Demonstrate your intelligence, train your attention and memory, and have fun.

✅ How to play FLAGLE game

TThe goal of the game is to guess the encrypted country using visual clues. Players can choose from a list of countries or enter the name themselves.

TThe rules of Flagle are quite simple and accessible even to the youngest players. Guess the name of the country in 6 attempts. After each new attempt, the player has the opportunity to use a hint. A segment of the flag of a classified country is revealed to them. Additionally, the player will see information about the country whose name has already been specified.

In the corresponding line, the participant can find the distance to the encrypted state. Additionally, there is an image of an arrow. The direction indicates where the country is located.

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