Nowadays, intellectual games and puzzles are not only about unscrambling and composing words or solving encrypted mathematical expressions. Discover the mysterious world of countries with Globle. Travel the globe, learn about new countries and discover new states. Test your geography knowledge in an easy and fun way.

The goal of the game is to find a secret country. Every day the player receives a new riddle and travels the planet. In addition to the location of the countries, the participant will be able to repeat the flags.

Receive tasks and guess the country of the day. The quiz resembles a children's game called Cold and Hot. Make each subsequent guess, indicate the name of the country, and get a hint in the form of the color of the territory.

The playing field is presented in the form of a globe with a landscape and no country borders. After choosing a possible option, the globe scrolls, and the indicated territory is colored in a certain color: from white to red. The darker the colored area, the closer the player is to the guess. The number of attempts is unlimited. Enter the names of the countries until you find the answer.

How to play Globle

The game has simple rules that are easy to understand even for young users:

The Globle game has two modes: training and daily quiz. After each attempt, the screen displays not only the territory colored in a certain color, but also additional information in the field above. The flag of the country that the player has selected appears in the line. Click on it and get information about the distance to the borders of the country.

It won't be hard to guess the name of the country. Start typing the first letter and all possible options will appear on the screen. All you have to do is choose from the list or continue typing.

In the statistics section, you can track the number of games played, wins, guessing accuracy, and the average number of options entered to guess. Train logic and thinking, recall and demonstrate geography knowledge. Travel the globe and learn new information about the location of countries, their national symbols, and territories.

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